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Franchising Opportunities

Ever thought about owning a Rhea Lana's Franchise?

At Rhea Lana's not only do we work hard together, but we have fun and live life together. We are excited about the future of serving families across America! We are currently in 22 states and continually expanding.

Franchising now for ten years, we are experts and leaders in the consignment event industry. With Franchise Business Review, for eight consecutive years, we rank nationally in the top 50 for franchisee satisfaction. We are in 84 different locations nationwide and rapidly expanding. 

Our development team looks forward to talking with you soon about our award winning, nationally ranked franchising company.


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FBR Top Innovative Franchise 2018.jpg
National Top 10 2018 Consignment Mommies
FBR Top Franchise 2019 - Web.jpg

Rhea Lana's has been named a Top 50 Franchise in 2019 by FBR, and has been for nine years straight.

Rhea Lana's is ranked #22 for FBR's Franchisee Satisfaction in 2019.

Rhea Lana's was honored with the cover of Franchise Business Review’s Top 200 Franchises Guide 2019.

Rhea Lana's is ranked #12 for FBR's Top Franchises for Women in 2018.

Rhea Lana's is ranked #18 for FBR's Top Innovative Franchise in 2018. 

Rhea Lana's is ranked #9 for FBR's Top Low-Cost Franchise in 2018.

Rhea Lana's has four franchises that have been named for Consignment Mommies' National Top 10 Best Consignment Sale in 2019, along with five franchises that have been named Regional Best Consignment Sale in 2019.

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